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Our Time to Strike for the Climate: Yellowknife

Our Time to Strike for the Climate: Yellowknife

Join millions of people across the globe will walk out of their classrooms, workplaces, and homes to join come together on the streets and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. And afterwards, join us to keep organizing for real climate solutions like a Green New Deal for Canada.

This is our time to demand that the solutions to the climate crisis meet the scale and urgency of the climate crisis. It's our time to call for climate solutions enshrines dignity, justice, and equity for all. It's our time to say loud and clear that action on climate means respecting the rights, title and sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples. It's our time to usher in 100% renewable energy that works for everyone, and create millions of jobs in the process.

Sign up to join the global climate strike on November 29th.

Why is this important?

For decades, fossil fuel billionaires and their political allies have put people and the planet in jeopardy. Last fall, scientists confirmed we only have 12 years to cut our emissions in half to avoid catastrophic climate change.

While the political establishment continues compromising our future, inequality keeps rising, injustice deepens, and the climate crisis gets worse and worse.

Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. It's time to fill the streets in an unprecedented mobilization and demand climate justice for everyone.

Yellowknife, NT

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